Why 1600 Words?

So, this blog came about in the name of progress (if you're thinking of The Beast of Yucca Flats, I love you). Sadly, I'm not referring to nuclear explosion=mutant monster progress, but manuscript progress.

When I started this blog, I needed to complete a major rewrite of a book I had already rewritten about four times before. Now, I'm trying to get an agent for that book, and I'm working on the first draft of a new one. Who knows what the final number of drafts for that one will be? Who wants to know? Not me I!

Anyway, if you multiply 1,600 by 30 (the average number of days in a month), you get 48,000. That total is just shy of 50,000--the general ballpark for where you want to be when it comes to the first draft of a novel, or the number of words you need to "win" NaNoWriMo. (For anyone who needs to know how many pages 1,600 words is equal to and doesn't want to do the math, it's 6.4).

Do I write 1,600 words a day? Yes and no. Sometimes, I write 3,200 words in a day. Sometimes, I write no words in a day. It really depends on the day. Some days call for more words than others.

Where are the progress bars? I had progress bars on the blog so I could share my journey with my eager blog readers in a quantifiable way. I removed them because I finished the original manuscript, so that progress bar was no longer interesting to me. I'm only interested in progress bars that are still progressing. As for the one for my current project, I'm doing a lot of the first draft longhand, so I don't even know how much I've got yet. Stay tuned though. If you're reading this blog, you will be the first to know!

Several writers (professional, aspiring and reluctant) have told me that they're inspired by the daily word count goal. I love that! It's a worthy goal, just don't let it bring you down if you don't make it every day.