Review Policy

Most of the books I review on 1600 Words A Day are furnished by NetGalley or LibraryThing's Early Reviewer Program. If you have a book that you are trying to get the word out on, I'm happy to take a look at it and review it on the blog, but it's worth noting that I can't guarantee I'll like the book or give it a positive review. If I start doing people favors, the reviews become kind of meaningless. Also, most of the books I review are either Young Adult or adult books dealing with characters who are going through a life transition, usually coming of age novels. I'm also partial to novels in verse and graphic novels. If you have a graphic novel, I know galleys for those can get pricey, but I really can't review digital galleys for those. It's a royal pain. Sorry. I need the physical book. If your book is mainly text, bring it on; I love saving a tree.

If you still want me to review your book, contact me via email and we'll work something out.