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The Tension of Opposites

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Two years after her disappearance, Tessa's best friend, Noelle, escapes from the clutches of a nasty pedophile and returns to her family. Tessa has just learned to cope with the idea that her best friend was gone forever. Now that she's bac...


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I added this book to my Goodreads queue because I needed to add a debut novel and someone mentioned it was interesting. I don't even remember who recommended it, and that's a shame because this is a wonderful YA book.

Katie Kittrel...

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The Compound

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Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Eli Yanakakis's father, Rex, hides his family in an elaborate bomb shelter that he refers to as "The Compound" to save them from a nuclear blast. Rex tells Eli and the rest of the fam...

How to Save a Life

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I love books about families, and I don't mean families in the crazy, psycho pro-lifer way. I prefer dysfunctional families, but oddball ones are good too.

Jill MacSweeney's life has turned upside down since her father died in a fre...

The Rules of Survival

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Matt is one of the Walsh kids. This means he's also Nikki O'Grady Walsh's favorite target when she's angry, manic, high, low, or just bored. The Rules of Survival is presented as Matt's letter to his baby half-sister, Emmy, explaining how t...