Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Road Trip 2018 Day #4: Flagstaff, Sanoran Desert & San Diego

I'm keeping this short and sweet because we just got to our room here in San Diego and it's almost 1 a.m. The parking situation at this La Quinta Inn is totally insane. I'm wondering if the vehicles on the property currently outnumber the guests.

We drove out toward California on I-17 just in time for the aftermath of a huge accident that shut down the southbound side that morning. (I don't know the details. From what I saw: whatever happened involved a cement truck and lots of fire retardant. Clearly, a lot of people had a bad Tuesday.) I tried looking up news about the accident, but all I could find that stuck out was an accident on May 26 on I-17 due to a naked man being hit by a car.

Other than the traffic jam that set us back by about 2 hours, nothing else happened. Lots of driving. Lots of cacti.

It's surprising that Yuma, AZ has turned into a city with large department stores and housing other than trailer parks, at least, it was for my mom. I haven't been through there before at an age where I would have known what any of that meant, so no basis for comparison.

Mom doesn't seem to share Dwight Shrute's passion for roadkill. Yesterday, we passed a dead deer on the side of the road. Today, we passed a dead coyote. Both times, she turned down my offer to make lunch out of them. Oh well. I guess we're never going to be that kind of family.