Monday, June 4, 2018

Road Trip 2018: Day 2

My first full day in Grand Junction. We started with brunch at IHOP followed by wine tasting at Hermosa Vineyards. All of the wines on offer were delicious, but I couldn't leave without a bottle of Syrah ($40 and totally worth it.) We decided to table camping gear for the Grand Junction adventure at the end of our journey next week. From Hermosa, we drove to Red Fox Cellars for a glass of their 44 Red Blend and followed that up with delicious BBQ at Rib City in Fruita.

Tomorrow, Mom and I will hop into her Honda and head for Flagstaff, AZ. (LaQuinta reward status greatness: here I come!!!!) Mom says that we need to get an "early" start. It's currently after 2 a.m. I'm apprehensive about this "early" thing.

I like the idea of spending enough time in Flagstaff to enjoy it a little bit. I love the hippie shops along the main drag and all the yummy food at the local restaurants.

In other news, my dog, Ernie, escaped from the backyard during a thunderstorm and our neighbors had to wrangle him. Like Carrie, now they all know his name.