Sunday, June 3, 2018

Road Trip 2018: Day 1

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Last year, I made a cross-country drive with my mom from Cranford, NJ to Denver, CO. (My mom is hassling me because I still don't have CO plates. Naughty!) Tomorrow, we will do some shopping--I need to get camping gear for Dystopia Rising's June tent event in Floricent, CO. I don't think we have REI in Grand Junction, so we may be going to Cabela's (one of my Jersey friends refers to it as "Redneck Valhalla." I also plan to visit some of my favorite wineries in Palisade--the primary stop being Hermosa Vineyards.

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I've been listening to Final Girls by Riley Sager via the Overdrive App. I thought I saw it on some summer reads list, but I can't find the list now. Kirkus Reviews had some nice things to say about Riley's book though. It's probably not the best preparation for a camping trip. Thank goodness that isn't coming for a couple of weeks. This Goodreads Best of Horror nominee from 2017 is just scary enough that I may be sleeping with the lights on for the remainder of the trip. Just saying.

It has been a surprisingly emotional day. After a year of many transitions, I'm finally getting some rest, and that means I have to pay attention to a lot of things I could normally get away with neglecting. Running away with much-needed heart-to-hearts with friends is no longer an option. Running away from my fears about how I might feel visiting the state I grew up in and seeing how it has changed isn't an option.

I dipped my toes into the full discomfort this evening, and it was rewarding. I am so glad that I read Daring Greatly because without that book in my life this year, I would have totally frozen.

I hope all of you can join me on my adventures over the next couple of weeks. I will try to post updates here. You can also find updates on Instagram by following carpe_diem_infinity or SnapChat at amyalice528.

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