Friday, November 21, 2014

Missed Connection--The Oddball Original Poem by Yours Truly

To post on CraigsList or hold behind?
That is the question.
What way is noblest in the mind to handle a missed connection?

A moment that should not have been
and in having may have led to sin.
We know little,but this jist:
Had more happened, someone'd be pissed.

Thus it's missed, and here we are.
Looking close within and out toward the far
regions for answers from ex pats and travelers
about the keys to happiness, bliss, and goodness.

Where did I miss these? In ruddy cheeks and clear blue eyes?
In thin mountain air and wine stained skies?
In the arms of one who promised never to leave me?
In the passing dreams that all deceive me?

Something within me is out of joint. What will fuse it together?
I met someone the other night; a bird of a similar feather.
Is all that we need? This commonality or closeness to commonality?
Does it heal all wounds?

Please, someone, tell me how to connect, and
who to connect to.