Thursday, February 13, 2014

Entertainment With Sniffles

I don't know about everyone out there in the blogosphere, but I get mixed messages about colds. Nobody seems to have a clear idea of what causes them or how to cure them, but everyone has a strong opinion. Considering how, well, common the common cold is and how long people have been suffering from it, this could make one doubt the efficacy of modern medicine, but that's a topic for another day and a different blog. Maybe I'm just uninformed. Anyway, for whatever reason, almost everyone I know has a cold, is recovering from a cold, is relapsing, or thinks they might be coming down with one. Two things are certain here: colds are disgusting and make us feel like crap.

For extra fun, most of us on the east coast now have cabin fever because of all the snow, so everyone who is tired of being stuck in bed is feeling extra psychotic. To everyone out there sniffling through this post: feel better soon, and don't fret. Spring will be here in a couple of months, and then we'll all have allergies.

All the symphonic sniffling inspired me to share a round-up of my favorite entertainment pieces on the theme of feeling rotten. I present them here for your consideration because when you're sick, support groups just aren't a good idea.

  • "Vicks" performed by Garrison Keillor on More News From Lake Wobegone: Humor. My parents raised me on Garrison Keillor. If I had to pick an absolute favorite story of his, I'd choose Alaska, but Vicks is excellent too. He really captures that way people are extra nice to you when you're feeling crappy, and the little luxuries you kind of enjoy in a twisted way as you fill your wastebasket with tissue balls. Oh, you know you love it.
  • Sick by Shel Silverstein. Faking? Exaggerating? You? Never! But, if you were, isn't this adorable poem perfect?
  • Sorry, Wrong Number starring Barbara Stanwyck. This is a really old and strange movie, and I know that Barbara Stanwyck isn't a favorite classic Hollywood actress for everybody, but I happen to like her. What's the tie in with feeling crappy? Our heroine, Leona Stevenson, is confined to her room because of an unspecified illness when she stumbles upon someone's plan to kill her.
  • Camille is just silly by current standards, but I have to mention it because it's the inspiration behind what my dad refers to as "The Movie Disease" (TMD for our purposes.) TMD is that ace you can keep up your sleeve whenever there's something you want to get out of. The symptoms and prognosis vary depending on the amount of drama you want to add. You know: not only is the disease not real, but it's also silly.
  • The Princess Bride is just awesome, but when you're sick, it has the added benefit of having a main character who is also sick in bed.
That's all I've got for now. Feel better, and let me know if you have any other sick day favorites!