Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #4)

Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, #4)Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants by Louise Rennison
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Louise Rennison’s Georgia Nicolson books are like magic: even when I’m in a rotten mood and I’m convinced my life as turned to “poo,” I just polish off another book in the series and I’m back to feeling fabbity fab. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get to the book.

In this fourth installment of The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, we find Georgia in her usual multifaceted state. She and the Sex God are reunited after his brief tour with The Stiff Dylans, and she begins her new life as a “celebrity widow.” She dutifully attends his rehearsals and bops her head to the music while applying nail polish. She dances in front of possible talent spotters---or, um, not to hilarious effect. She bops her head even when music isn’t playing and draws a lot of strange looks. She puts her foot through the bass drum and wonders if all this is a sign she may be the”Yoko Ono of the Stiff Dylans.” [Please don’t hate me if that isn’t the exact quote. I just want to make it clear that I didn’t come up with the brilliant metaphor. That was all Rennison.]

Angus is admiring his love, the now pregnant, Naomi from afar. Georgia insists he was snipped before Naomi got pregnant, but wonders if the kittens could bring another kind of Christmas Miracle.

As always, Georgia has doubts because she’s a very “empathetic and caring person.” She wonders if her relationship with the Sex God is meant to be. Can she really see herself as a celebrity widow for life even if it means following the Sex God everywhere and being seen in public with the Sex God? She’s also very concerned about the relationship between Ellen and Dave the Laugh. It’s so obvious they aren’t right for each other . . . just because.

If you’re feeling down, I definitely recommend adding some Georgia to your life. This series would be even more perfect if they created an app that generated a random Georgia-ism every ten minutes.

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