Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five: Happy, Happy Things

As all of my friends on Facebook know, Wednesday was a no good terrible day that followed up a lousy Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. In other words, last week just sucked. I'm glad it's over. I hope that anyone else reading this had a better week, but in case you didn't, I thought I would share a few things that kept me from heading to Brooklyn to jump off the bridge.

  1. Louise Rennison has a new series starring her new MC, Telulah Casey. Also, The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson has so many books in it, I still have some I haven't read yet.
  2. Books by like-minded people are readily available in the humor section of my local bookstore. (By like-minded, I mean being like me when I want to throw everyone I meet through a window.)
  3. The Happy Things Blog
  4. The Supreme Court's recent ruling on healthcare reform. (Um, conservatives who are upset and planning to move to Canada: I'm happy to come over and help you pack, but I think you should know that Canada, like a lot of the civilized world, has also fallen to the new "Socialist" order when it comes to taking care of sick people.)
  5. While nasty people are unpleasant to deal with, dealing with them is a temporary state for the rest of us; it's a permanent state for them.
Happy!Happy Friday!