Sunday, January 1, 2012

Think fast: resolution time

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Not my list
Every new year is anxiety provoking for me, but for 2012, I am going to try to transform that anxiety into excitement about the opportunities a new year brings. Noticing, I'm not promising I will actually succeed, but I will try.

So, here are my resolutions:

  1. Be optimistic. Reframe negative situations into challenges I can approach in a novel way. If I can't change something, I will accept the situation and move on instead of ruminating about it.
  2. If I start a book and it really sucks, I won't feel guilty about throwing it across the room and never cracking it again.
  3. I will continue drinking black coffee because I like it and Prevention magazine claims it may reduce cancer risk. Who cares if it makes me look like I have Parkinsons.
  4. I am going to make it up to real time episodes of Glee before the end of February
  5. By the end of 2012, I will have read all of the books on the list of 50 books to read before you die.
  6. I will accept that other people I know and work with have limitations just as I have limitations, but that doesn't mean I need to judge myself by their limitations.
  7. By the end of the year, I will not be winded after climbing a long flight of stairs---cardio, cardio!
  8. I will make time for my writing every day because it is the most important thing second to taking care of myself and my family. Everything else is about ego involvement.
Okay, first reframe practice of the new year: someone across the street likes to channel his excitement about the new year in a very loud way. It's sweet that he wants to serenade all of us. Maybe he will add something behind "honk honk honk" to his repertoire for next year. Meanwhile, I am happy because I have earplugs.

Happy 2012!