Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Five: almost Halloween

T'was the week before Halloween and all through the house all creatures were stirring---I hope that's a mouse! Okay, enough of that. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Sadly, it doesn't come with a day off work, but that's okay because there's plenty to make up for it:

  1. Candy! Bring on the Snickers fun size, Pop Rocks, Laffy Taffy, Sour Worms and Coke all at the same time. Like George Carlin says, "Take a chance." Sure, that's a recipe for puking, but it's Halloween. 
  2. Ridiculous scarecrows. Here in Cranford, NJ, we love our arts and crafts. Currently, the annual Scarecrow Contest is in full swing and some of them are just bizarre. I saw one holding a bottle of Bleach outside of the Breadsmith store. That's deep. I don't know what it means because I didn't have a chance to stop and take a closer look, but I know it must be interesting. 
  3. Movies! Horror movies galore! If you don't already know about the two Vs make a note: Vincent Price and Val Lewton. It's hard to choose a favorite Vincent Price movie, but I just saw a really cool adaptation of Poe's stories. I think it's called Tales of Terror. Richard Matheson (author of I Am Legend wrote the screenplay and it is brilliant. As for Val Lewton, no Halloween is complete without I Walked With a Zombie which is less about the supernatural or zombies and more about the pernicious effects of guilt on a family heavily invested in African slave labor and other icky things. 
  4. Scary Stories! Anything by Alvin Schwartz will probably be fun, but I love the audio version---it has sound effects too!
  5. Dressing up! And now, for the costume warehouse video.