Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaken not stirred

Even though one of my so-called Facebook friends doesn't want to acknowledge this: I've lived through a lot of earthquakes. A lot of them were scary and I seemed to have the bad luck to be closer to the epicenters of at least two of them because I was dumb enough to leave home for silly things like school or visiting friends.

I'm appalled by the unfair distribution of earthquake days on the east coast. These people really don't know how to handle earthquakes. They don't even know what they feel like. So many women in news reports claimed they thought they just had nasty headaches coming on.

Headache? Really? My headaches don't typically make me feel like the ground is about to go out from under me. Bizarre.

I just found out via Twitter that the Library of Congress shut down after the quake to "check for damage." Oh brother. It took them like five hours to check? Were they using a team of sloths? Also, where's my earthquake day? It would have been so nice too. We were really busy and I so was not in the mood. So sad.

On the bright side, I found a fabulous music video on YouTube that is perfect for this occasion.