Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Five: Force of Nature

Hurricane Irene Captured August 24, 2011
It’s hurricane season everybody! I’m trying to sound enthusiastic because at least it’s Friday, but I’m kind of freaked-out. My husband actually went shopping this morning and he purchased something other than video games. Cats and dogs have already started living together and we had an earthquake in New Jersey only a few days ago. What is this world coming to?
Without further delay, I give you this week’s Friday Five: Force of Nature, five things to enjoy, contemplate, etc. that honor the power of all things not man-made.
1.       To Build a Fire” by Jack London. Yes, it’s only a short story, but it’s always in a collection with lots of other stories along a similar theme: don’t casually cross the Yukon alone and if you bring a buddy, make sure he’s not a backstabber.
2.       Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. I’ve heard other writers dismiss this book because it’s not intellectual enough or something (this coming from a writer who wrote YA chick lit.) Whatever. I don’t care what those people think. You know what sold me? One word: avalanche!
3.       BBC’s Planet Earth (DVD and BluRay). I’m so addicted to this program. Okay, it’s nerdy, but the cinematography is amazing. It’s like taking a tour of the world’s natural wonders from your couch; no food poisoning or nasty bug bites.
4.       Trapped by Michael Northrop. Seven high school students versus record blizzard. Who will survive?
5.       127 Hours, James Franco versus big rocks.