Monday, June 27, 2011

Sighting at The Cranford Library

Card Catalog
I walk into the library at 7:40 with a stack of about 10 books that need to be in before the 4th of July weekend.

Little old lady behind the desk starts scanning the books and checking them in.

Me: Um, I think I owe money.

Librarian: (holding up a copy of The Giver and squinting at the screen) Not on this one. This one was renewed.

Me: I see.

Librarian: I'll pull up your patron record after I check these in.

She checks in the rest of the stack, takes my card and gives me the bad news: $1.20

I hand over the money.

Librarian: (Drops money into cash box and sets the box on a shelf) Okay, all done.

Me: Actually, I have an intlibrary loan to pick up.

Librarian: (sigh)

Me: Sorry. There's always something with me.

Librarian: (turning toward the shelf) Well, we close at eight.