Friday, May 27, 2011

Way past my deadline

So, my birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to celebrate knowing that I originally planned to have my revision completed sixteen days ago. This month has been a comedy of errors anyway.

BSOD 0x07BFirst, I was feeling exhausted and blocked because this is like my fourth or fifth run through the story, and, frankly, I'm kind of sick of seeing it, but I want to get it done because I have other things I want to work on. A normal, healthy person probably could just start working on one of those other projects and wait for inspiration on the other, but I'm neither normal nor healthy--not mentally anyway.

Anyway, I finally worked through my issues and felt ready to get down to business, but a second problem arose: my laptop was taken over by evil demons. I refuse to reduce what it was going through to simple microchip maelstrom. It had major issues. The trackpad was making it's own path across the screen. Then, the computer wanted to go on its own sleep schedule.

Don't get me wrong. Writing this book has been a lot like the filming of Apocalypse Now. Like the Vietnam War, everyone (and everything) is made miserable by it. It's only natural that the computer would have a nervous breakdown as a result, but why now?

Good Cop, Bad CopThe icing on the cake: I worked the late shift last night and was on day three of a nasty headache. All I wanted to do was get home, curl up in bed and go to sleep, but the Fates had other plans. On my way out of lovely downtown Elizabeth (ha ha), a large cop flagged me down and told me that my inspection sticker had expired. Oh yeah, and I got a $130 ticket. Fabulous. All I can say is if that guy shows up in my office and says he wants a break on pre-reqs for his criminal justice classes, he can shove it! Two can play at that game. Somehow, I don't feel reassured knowing that Elizabeth's "finest" are out in force protecting NJ from uninspected vehicles. The car I saw speeding past me this morning, burning oil the whole way, kind of drove this point home for me. What an asshat! He's a fedora of asshats. That cop is such an asshat, he probably had to have wheels installed on his palms so he can propel himself from place to place. Okay, now I'm done. . . . No, I'm not:  

Okay, I'm really done now.

After my encounter with Officer Asshat, I stopped at CVS to pick up my prescription for Nasonex. I'm allergic to everything, and spring is especially problematic. Actually, all seasons have allergens that disagree with my sinuses, but I happened to be out of Nasonex and I've been snoring and wheezing all week. I thought I'd make up for my irresponsiblity in neglecting my inspection stickers by picking up milk while I was at the store. So, I walked up to the happy pharmacy dude, and he said, "What prescription?" So, I waited there for another half hour.

The only thing that went as planned was my pizza pick up.

At least the weekend can only get better.