Sunday, May 8, 2011

All in the family

I'm still wrapping up my current book, but once I do that, I'm going to be all about my next book: Cinders in which three girls from different cliques pull together to cope with their crazy mothers. Since my own mother is nothing like the nutty ones in my book, I'm going to need to do some research. Like any good son-in-law, my husband has been incredibly helpful in identifying various episodes of Law and Order etc. with nasty mom's. I can't wait for his book recommendations.

Witch HuntOne thing I didn't see coming: NPR posting Three Moms Who Make Your Mothering Seem Perfect in this week's installment of their Three Books series. Surprisingly, Joan Crawford didn't make the list, but Anne Sexton did.

Why limit the list to just three books with nasty moms? Here are a few others worth mentioning, even if they aren't my favorite books:
Ordinary People by Judith Guest
Beth Jarrett is so wrapped up in her own grief over the death of her oldest son that she totally deprives her younger son of affection.

The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
Nikki O'Grady is all about being a mom when she isn't getting high. Unfortunately, she's getting high about 95% of the time and considers smacking the kids around part of the mothering process.

Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford
Really? You don't need me to describe this one. I'll just leave you with, "Wire hangers!!!!"

Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
Yes, yes, it's funny and the kids seem to be having fun most of the time, but you know it's bad when mom leaves her kids to be raised by her own shrink.

Towelhead by Alicia Erian
Both of Jasira's parents are pretty bad, but she ends up living with her father after several of her mother's boyfriends come onto her and her mom gets jealous. Eeeew!