Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preview of Keeper for the non-Kindle owner

Santa BarbaraI am partial to Kindle, but I respect freedom to choose an e-reader, and I want to get the preview of this manuscript out there. So, you can download the first 30 pages of the manuscript here. If you enjoy it, please, please, please cast a vote on Amazon by visiting the product page here.

Now, I have to make my mandatory disclaimers about the excerpt I'm sharing here:

  • This file does have a few rough spots that I didn't catch before I uploaded it to the contest site.
  • This excerpt may not be exactly the same as the one available through Amazon's ABNA site, but it is very close, possibly minus a few minor changes.
Blurb about what you're reading:
Samantha Davis is in her freshman year at Santa Barbara University and nothing is going right. After her boyfriend dumps her, she joins her roommate Maggie and her artistic and fabulous friend Elysia for a bonfire at the beach only to wake up in the hospital the next day with no memory of the previous night. Samantha tries to put that night behind her and move on, and it seems like there's hope when she meets the adorable yet slightly dorky Justin Brennan. What she doesn't count on is the memories that start creeping back as she falls for him. As Samantha pieces together what really happened the night she passed out, she realizes that facing her past might mean sacrificing her relationship with Justin to set things right.

Enjoy =)