Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keeping the faith after the Semi-Finals cut

15th Street Tavern Wreckage
My office after the news
I didn't make the cut for semi-finals on the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards, and I was kind of upset initially, but a lot of positives balance out the negative. Thanks to the contest, I've developed a stronger following for my blog (I also have my brief stint in modelling yesterday to thank for that.) The contest also forced me to "come out" as a writer to my friends and co-workers. I'm pleased to say that everyone has been incredibly supportive even though they know I'm "different." I think they always suspected as much, but they might have just thought I was crazy--not that being a writer and being crazy are mutually exclusive. Another piece of good news: if you will direct your attention to my purple writing progress bar on the right, you will see that I'm getting close to finishing my final major revision of the current manuscript.

So, another journey begins. Stay tuned as the Life of Amy enters its spring/summer season.