Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Future of Publishing


Self-publi­shing seems like a terrific money-maki­ng opportunit­y for presses selling book prep, distributi­on, and "editing" services, but I have trouble seeing the real benefit to writers or how this broadens opportunit­ies. Authors in the US are still predominan­tly upper-midd­le class whites, and being able to buy publicatio­n opportunit­ies seems like just another way for them to maintain their foothold on the market. Also, while I disagree that traditiona­l publishing is currently a high school popularity constest, going exclusivel­y to direct-to-­consumer would turn it into one. I don't have any hard data or stats to point to here, but neither does this post. I would be interested in seeing what you are basing your claims on. I believe vanity presses will always have their place, but that's just what they are.
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