Saturday, March 26, 2011

Laziest writing week ever

Lazy dog
Lazy Dog by kirainet via Flickr
Fudge. I'm working on the dreaded middle of my rewrite and it's driving me crazy. The whole insomnia thing probably isn't helping. Daylight Saving Time is the most annoying thing! When are we going to start doing Sleep Saving Time? That's a concept I could support, but, it is not to be. ::sigh::

At least I'm still making progress on my reading.
Latest review posted on Goodreads:

SuckerpunchSuckerpunch by David Hernandez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, the good stuff: David Hernandez packs a lot of powerful emotion per page in this novel, and his main character, Marcus, is a wonderful mix of reliable enough for me to trust him as a narrator, but imperfect enough to relate to. Also, this is one of those rare YA novels that I think would resonate with teenage boys, especially if they're Hispanic. Hernandez manages to honor the traits of a Hispanic family in the US without digressing into the preachy-ness that is so typical of "multicultural" children's books.

Second, the not-so-good stuff: some of the plot felt kind of tacked-on for the sake of moving things forward instead of growing out of the story. The worst part of the book, no quotation marks. Trying to read a dialogue-heavy book without quotation marks=pain in the butt.

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Oh, by the way, no, I did not read Suckerpunch because of the horrible movie that just came out, and no, that movie has nothing to do with this book. It's just a coincidence.